We have adopted the international standard “ISO26000” as guidelines for CSR activities.

Organizational governance

A company trusted by society

  • We will fulfill management transparency and accountability, and aim to improve corporate value by enhancing and strengthening corporate governance.

Human Rights

Respect for all human rights

  • We do not take any action that discriminates based on nationality, race, ethnic group, color, sex, physical health, sexual orientation, age, religion, creed, social status, family, property, physical characteristics, physical and mental disabilities, political opinion, as such.
  • We do not perform any child labor or forced labor. In addition, we will provide young workers with an appropriate working environment, such as restrictions on work that affects health and safety.
  • We will manage proper working hours and pay appropriate wages.
  • We do not handle inhumane treatment, including abuse and corporal punishment, and various harassment such as sexual harassment (sexual behavior and harassment) and power harassment (abuse, harassment, and intimidation)
  • We do not slander the company or individuals. Also, do not perform actions that may be misunderstood as slander.

Labor Practices

A comfortable work environment

  • Respect human life as the top priority, actively promote safety and health activities, and comply with relevant laws and regulations.
  • For life and human safety, conduct risk assessments to understand potential risks and strive to prevent any accidents and occupational accidents.
  • Respect the right of all workers to conduct collective bargaining and participate in peaceful meetings.
  • Establish a welfare system and provide an environment where workers can work with peace of mind.
  • We provide opportunities to enable social, economic and cultural improvements by providing employee education and self-development support.

The Environment

Environmental activities

  • We will comply with laws and regulations, agreements on environmental protection, and other requirements of customers we have agreed.
  • We will appropriately manage chemical substances and promote substitution and reduction of chemical substances that have harmful effects on the environment and the human.
  • We will work to reduce CO2 emissions through all activities.
  • We will promote energy saving, resource saving, waste reduction and reuse.
  • We strive for biodiversity consideration and environmental conservation.

Fair Operating Practices

Compliance Initiatives

  • We comply with antitrust laws, subcontract laws and other fair competition laws and conduct fair and free transactions.
  • We do not do any kind of bribery, corruption, robbery, embezzlement or fraudulent accounting.
  • We will not force or accept any gifts, entertainment or other economic benefits that are in violation of the law or beyond the scope of social rituals.
  • We will establish a whistleblowing system to prevent legal violations and fraud and to detect them early. In addition, we will protect information providers and take care to avoid any disadvantages.
  • We will not engage in illegal political donations, contributions, or political threats, compulsory or illegal operations.
  • We do not do any transactions with anti-social forces and other parties related to anti-social forces.
  • We will not engage in acts that hinder free competition, such as unfair price agreements, rigging and dumping. In addition, insider trading and stock trading that is suspected of insider trading will not be conducted.
  • Share our social responsibility attitudes such as respect for human rights, legal compliance and environmental conservation with our business partners and related organizations, and encourage their voluntary efforts.
  • Respect the intellectual property rights of third parties and do not infringe.
  • For cargo and technology to be imported / exported, we will perform necessary import / export procedures in accordance with laws and internal rules.

Consumer Issues

Consumer Issues

  • We will comply with all laws and standards that apply to products, goods, and services, such as competition laws and display laws.
  • We properly manage confidential information obtained from business partners and personal information of customers and employees.
  • We will execute initiatives to ensure product safety and quality.
  • We conduct sincere sales and service activities.
  • We respond promptly to inquiries and complaints from customers in accordance with internal rules and guidelines. For important complaints, we will provide appropriate feedback to the relevant departments to prevent the problem from recurring.

Community Involvement and Development

Initiatives for local communities

  • Conduct social contribution activities such as environmental conservation, community service, art / sports support, and aim for coexistence and development with local communities.
  • We aim to contribute to the creation of local jobs by utilizing diverse human resources.
  • We will encourage and support volunteer activities conducted by employees in the community.