The company founded 「Katayama Chikaichi Shoten」 in Hamamatsu-cho, Shiba, Minato-ku in Tokyo in 1914. We have devoted ourselves to being a pioneering manufacturer of reliable screws for more than 90 years since our establishment. As a screw manufacturer, we recognize the function, the mission and the importance of screws in everyday living, and at the same time, we have adapted (ourselves) to the changing needs of the times.

To create the future and develop a vision based on the company's long history, we continuously strive to create highly reliable products. While the company continues to engage in business, it needs to change and adapt to the times and the environment. In February 2004, we achieved ISO14001 certification, and ISO9001 certification in February 2005, and IATF16949 certification in April 2019.We endeavor to create the organizational structure to thoroughly implement customer-oriented principles and provide environmentally friendly products that focus on global affluence. As international borders continue to weaken, we, in 2007, launched our overseas plant in Thailand. And subsequently, we built the second plant additionally in each country, starting its operation in 2006 and 2007 respectively.

We are developing our business on a global scale from broader perspectives as we try to meet all needs. We will continue to respond quickly, with all employees sharing common values and working toward the goals, giving top priority to customers and the environment. We look forward to your ongoing support and guidance. Thank you.

Company name
Katayama Rivet & Screw Co.,Ltd.
August, 1914
March, 1938
61 million yen
Approx. 90
Major activities
Design, production, purchase and sales of all fastener of every kind.
Screws・Bolts・Rivets・Shafts・Valves・Insert nuts
Other standard or special fastening parts