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Quality and Environmental Policies
Quality and Environmental Policies
Quality and Environmental Policies
Together with our aim to reduce environmental impact in all business activities, improving quality and customer satisfaction Following along the way can coexist with the global environment, all employees become united, and actively involved in continuing steadily.
Corporate activities that take customers and the environment into account
In our corporate activities, we will place importance on customer satisfaction, whilst at the same time striving to alleviate the environmental impact of our activities and prevent pollution of the earth.
  •  1. We will provide products that take both environmental and customer needs into account.
  •  2. We will establish quality and environmental management systems.
  •  3. We will reduce consumption of paper, electricity, oil, material, and other resources and forms of energy.
  •  4. We will reduce and recycle waste materials.
  •  5. We will respond to and implement innovation and change in the production system across all processes.
  •  6. We will establish a maintenance inspection system and reduce the number of accidents and losses and costs associated with such.
The company shall observe and uphold environment-related laws and regulations, as well as any other requirements.
Ongoing improvement of quality and environmental management systems
The company shall set specific quality and environmental targets and goals, shall implement measures for such, and shall strive to achieve such. Moreover, the company shall also endeavor to make ongoing improvements to management systems by conducting periodic reviews of systems as a whole.
Improving employee awareness
The company shall be aware of the duties and competencies of employees, and shall seek to improve the skills of employees and manage those employees efficiently and appropriately. The company shall also endeavor to improve awareness amongst employees by providing training to make all employees aware of the importance of these policies.
The company shall put into practice these policies, sustain them on an ongoing basis, and ensure that they are understood by all employees. These policies shall also be made publicly available.
Mar 2015