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Strengthening Quality Control
Quality and Environmental Policies
Strengthening Quality Control
Clarifying processes to further strengthen quality control
The company was awarded ISO9001 accreditation in 2005, and has worked on establishing next-generation management systems in quality control processes not only in plants and on workshop floors, but right through to executive management levels. During development processes, a detailed investigation is carried out into materials and the technical data accumulated to date is used to come up with the optimal screw product. Processing stages need to also have controls in place to deal with dirt and impurities, which affect quality greatly, so that we can continue to always put out the best possible products to suit our customers' needs. We will execute stringent and comprehensive quality control as we look ahead to the future.
Future business network that extends to include Asian markets
The close partnerships between our head office, branch offices, and sales offices means that we are able to provide speedy and attentive service to customers in Japan. Also, with the launch of our new plant in Thailand in 2007, we are steadily starting to establish a base in Asia, and are building up our system for commercial scale production. In this way we are starting to establish a business network with overseas ties.
ISO14001 accreditation and coexistence with the global environment
By introducing an environmental management system ahead of a quality management system, the company set specific goals for mitigating the environmental impact of our activities. After successfully satisfying these goals , we were awarded ISO14001 accreditation in 2004. By reducing energy consumption in our plants and by promoting the use of eco-friendly office products, we are working towards coexisting with the environment.