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Standard Fasteners
Product Information
Standard Fasteners
Standardized products like screws, bolts, and nuts not only need to look and feel like they are good quality, but also need to be durable and have anti-corrosive properties. And especially because these products are so widely used in the market and are used by end users every day, we have in place stringent quality control processes that enable us to consistently deliver products of a stable quality. Standard Fasteners
Products Katayama Deals In
Machine screws, wood screws, self-tapping screws
Machine screws
Machine screws fitted with washers
Machine screws for precision devices
Self-tapping screws
Wooden screws
Nuts and washers
Hex nuts
Various other types of nuts
Plain washers
Spring washers
Snap rings
Hex bolts
Hex-hole bolts
U bolts
Various other types of bolts
Rivets and pins
Blind rivets
Building related
Anchor bolts
Hook bolts
Architectural hardware
Foreign standards
ANSI Standards
DIN Standards, etc.
And much more...
JIS certified plants.