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Related New Products
Product Information
Related New Products
Katayama Rivet & Screw actively works on developing new materials and technologies. As long as new products are needed today and as long as our customers need them, then we will provide them.
Special-recess products
Katayama offers special-recess screw products suited to specific applications, including LH stix and hexa-lobular screw products, as well as tight-fit screws, tamperproof screws, and more, that aim to achieve rationality in screw closure, and that provide torque more efficiently and suppress thrust during tightening.
Clean screws
Clean screws is in addition to producing screws that meet high-level specifications in terms of precision, strength, and properties, we also carry out screw cleaning, inspections, and packaging in clean-room facilities.
Tight-fit screws
By producing screws with specially shaped threads and that feature adhesive bonding, we provide screws that do not loosen or fall out as a result of vibrations, shocks, or temperature changes. Our screws are also designed to prevent powder or particle dispersion when self-tapping screws are used.
Environmentally friendly products
We only use lead-free and cadmium-free materials that do not contain banned substances specified in the RoHS Directive, and only use trivalent plating and chrome-free plating that does not contain hexavalent chromium. We also provide products that are environmentally friendly.
Special materials
Katayama manufactures plastic and ceramic products in addition to rare metal products using titanium, tungsten, Inconel, tantalum and other materials. It also makes alloy products made of magnesium alloys, aluminum alloys, Kovar and others.