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Metal Working Products
Metal Working Products
Katayama Rivet & Screw has established a system that enables us to meet the needs of various industries and job types, and we can provide unique metal-working products that cannot be found anywhere else . Our system enables us to provide products for a wide range of fields, ranging from cold-pressed combined working products to cutting work products. We also employ advanced processing technology and aim to achieve a balance between performance, cost, and mass production needs, as the times require. Katayama can provide optimal metal-working products.
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Cold-press work products
Katayama produces complex shapes using multi-stage headers, form- rolling, and secondary finishing machines.
Special materials
Katayama performs not only machining and CNC turning but also compound processing combined with press working, to handle a range of materials including products traditionally difficult to machine and to offer high added value to customers.
Press metal work products
Katayama not only carries out rod and shearing processes, bending processes, and fabrication processes, but it also produces products that integrate these processes, and products that incorporate plastic processed products as well.
Metal cast and sintered products
Katayama manufactures products using die cast and lost wax metal casting techniques, as well as sintering techniques including metal injection.