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Inspection Equipment
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Inspection Equipment
Aside from their main use as fasteners, screw parts also have various functions as components in assembled products. For example, they can be used as an axle for a rotating part, or as a position adjustors, and therefore their functionality as such also needs to be checked. It is also essential that they undergo inspections to ensure that they can withstand use in harsh environments, and that they do not cause damage to the environment. At Katayama Rivet & Screw, we use cutting-edge inspection devices and equipment to carry out these inspections and analyses.
Equipment and machinery
· Inspection laboratories
 Highly accurate measurement devices are needed to measure precision screws.
 Our inspection labs where this very sensitive equipment is housed are kept clean at all times and
 are temperature controlled.

· Image processing and measurement microscope
 Images of products that have been enlarged to 50 or more times their actual size are
 processed by computer to enable measurement. Images can be blown up to 4,800 times the actual size
 of the product to be viewed.
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· X-ray fluorescence spectrometer
 Fluorescent x-ray can be used for non-destructive, no-contact substance analysis.
 This equipment is used for the quantitative analysis of harmful substances such as cadmium and
 lead found in materials, and for measuring the thickness of plating.
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· Surface roughness gauge
 This equipment can measure the surface roughness of machining tools and products on a micron-scale.
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· Roundness and cylindricality measuring equipment
 This equipment can measure the roundness, concentricity, and cylindricality of products.
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· Salt spray tester
 For the coating strength test
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· Torque tester
 For measuring tightening and loosening torques; A computer is used to graph the results.
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· Tension tester
 For measuring the tensile strength of materials
· Sclerometer
 For measuring the hardness of products