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Clean Rooms
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Clean Rooms
The quality requirements of customers are not limited only to screw precision, strength, and properties, but also now include factors such as cleanliness.
At Katayama Rivet & Screw, we produce screws to meet high-level specifications, as we carry out all cleaning, inspections, and packaging of screws in clean rooms.
Our cleaning equipment has a strong cycle and uses a horizontal feed system and quick-dump-per-cycle mechanism to clean screws to a revolutionary level of cleanliness. This enables us to control the dirt and dust on each and every product using particle counters and ion chromatographs.
Equipment and machinery
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Change in the fins on the press-cut surface after chemical polishing
When chemical polishing is used on stainless steel parts, the surface is made smooth and glossy. Then further passivation treatment enhances the anti-corrosive properties of the surface. However, burring, or the catching of dust, dirt or residual matter is completely unacceptable for stainless steel products used in various sectors, such as the medical, food, semiconductor, hard-disk, and automotive sectors, and such problems can be dramatically alleviated through such surface treatment processes.
Chemical polishing of rough cut edges after press work
Sequence of processes in the clean room
Ultrasonic cleaning equipment Ultrasonic pure water cleaning equipment
This equipment cleans screw and rivet products to meet customer requirements.
A horizontal feed system along with a quick-dump-per-cycle mechanism are employed to achieve a revolutionary level of screw cleanliness.
Analysis and measurement Analysis and measurement
The dust and dirt on the cleaned products is measured in clean room facilities.
Vacuum packing Vacuum packing
Products that require particularly high levels of dirt control are vacuum packed in packaging to prevent contamination from dirt or dust during transit.
Vacuum packing