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Global Activities
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Global Activities
Katayama Rivet & Screw Co., Ltd. opened a new plant in Thailand in 2007. In today's increasingly borderless society, we are developing our business on a global scale from broader perspectives as we try to meet all needs.

In 2007, we established two manufacturing plants in Thailand as outlined below.
With state-of-the-art facilities and processing technology, they manufacture and supply the optimal processed products through their integrated production system that meet the needs of the times.
In addition to the standard specifications, we are specialized in the manufacturing the particular kinds of screw products, such as “clean screws” processed in a clean room to meet customer’s severe specification, “screws with special recess” to satisfy the specific purpose, “screws designed to prevent loosing or falling out” and “environmentally-friendly products without banned hazardous substance”.

In addition to heading (pressing) and rolling process, they are able to apply numerically controlled machining process to produce compositely shaped products. They mainly manufacture and supply the sophisticated products, such as screws with special recess for specific use, loosening-or-fallout-preventive screws and so forth.
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