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Management Policy
Quality and Environmental Policies
Quality and Environmental Policies
Management Philosophy
We, Katayama R & S Co., Ltd, aim for the company which has the sincerity and technologies, and is needed from society,and we try to harmonize with and contribute to society, We aspire to happiness and prosperity of our business partners, people involved in us as well as employees.
Management Policy
1.And swiftness offers stable high quality product and service got trust from precisely,
 and it is being satisfied for a customer with a needed company.
2.We become a company which can contribute to a customer's new product development and
  new technology development.
3.I become stable profit /
 work and the company which I breathe it, and is worth working by workplace environment /
 aspect each other trust.
4.I practice management with the transparency and
 become the all the members participation type company.
Course of Action
1.I recognize a role and responsibility and, with sense of purpose, act.
2.I try it immediately without being afraid of failure. Always move forward even if it fails.
3.I have doubt toward a way of the work and it continues and is improved.
4.I practice speedy timely behavior and answer to a request.
5.I do not get away from an unpleasant thing without neglecting a commonplace.
6.An employee does not stop at oneself. Employees cooperate each other, and solve the problems.
Mar 2012