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Koshigaya Works around 1962   In August 1914, the Company's founder, late Chikaichi Katayama, opened Katayama Chikaichi Shoten to sell screws in Hamamatsu-cho, Shiba, Tokyo. This is how the Company first started business. The production of screws around the world seems to have a long history, although production of the first screws in Japan came at the end of the Meiji era. Before that, Japan depended on imports for screws.
   Later, with the introduction of automated machines to manufacture screws, the Japanese screw industry gradually started growing as these machines were produced in Japan in line with the progress of general industrial technology and the development of new technology. The Japanese screw industry has now surpassed its counterparts in other advanced countries such as European countries and the United States.
   The Company's founder believed that it was essential to operate plants directly in order to implement 100% independent control and to provide reliable products. To achieve this objective, we established Shioda Seisakusho K.K. in May 1931 in Izumo-cho, Kamata-ku, and started to produce wood screws, small screws and brass nuts. Subsequently, in April 1936, we opened Kinko Seisakusho K.K. in Kamimaruko Sanno-cho, Kawasaki and began production of steel nuts and polished bolts, gradually transforming the company into a complete manufacturer of screws. In March 1938, Katayama Chikaichi Shoten, Shioda Seisakusho K.K., and Kinko Seisakusho K.K. merged to form Katayama Rivet & Screw Co., Ltd. to complete the integrated systems of production and sales. With a trademark depicting the thread of a screw to represent the spirit of superior quality, we have successfully expanded our business not only in the whole Japanese market but in the overseas market.